The farmers

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Dana Jokela has spent years studying and working in sustainable agriculture. He began this path as a student in Ecological Agriculture at the University of Vermont. He then worked on several vegetable farms, beginning as an intern on a 3-acre farm and eventually managing crop production for a 1000-member CSA program. He recently completed his Master's degree at Iowa State University, where he researched cover crops and conservation tillage in vegetable production systems. He is excited to be living at his family's farm and growing wholesome produce for the southeastern Minnesota community. 







Karin Jokela has expertise in prairie restoration, pollinator conservation, and, generally, all things naturalist! She has worked for many nonprofits and state agencies on projects related to habitat restoration for wild bees, butterflies, plants, trout, and salmon. In addition, she recently completed her Master's degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Iowa State University. Karin's primary role on the farm is native transplant production and restoration of native plant and insect communities in the farm's natural areas. You may also see her smiling face at the farmers market booth :)